Dreamers’ Playlist: Set 1

Created & Written by:

Reet Starwind


Edited by: Jessica Bryant


Animation, Action-adventure, Coming-of-age, Modern fantasy, Spiritual, Martial arts, Science-fiction



TV-PG to PG-13 (mild instances of violence, blood, & strong language)

"Two young brothers inherit energy awakened from deep within the spirit - granting them the chance to fight for their dream. To see their journey through, they must first master themselves."



Written in screenplay form, each Track clocks in between 40 & 50 pages - but don't let the page count scare you. The scripts carry 1/5th the word count of stories told in traditional novel form.

Brisk pacing and strong characterization set the foundation for episodes to play out exactly as they will when brought to life on-screen.

Click the cover art to read the pilot script here for free.

New installments release on the second to or last Tuesday of each month exclusively to our patrons.

TRACK 1: 'And so it begins (Intro)'

The stage for new adventure is set as surges of supernatural power suddenly awaken within brothers Jak and Jeysin.

With their best friend Marie running research, the group scratches the surface on a mystery that'll change their lives forever.

Release date: 8/24/2021

50 Pages

Track 1.jpg

TRACK 2: 'From the ground up' 

Release date: TBA

47 Pages

TRACK 3: 'Behind the mask'

Release date: TBA

48 Pages